ALRO Group

- stakeholder questionnaire -


The ALRO Group (hereinafter referred to as the "ALRO Group" or the "Group") consists of the following companies:  ALRO S.A. - aluminium producer, Alum S.A. - alumina producer, Vimetco Extrusion S.R.L. - extruded aluminium producer, Vimetco Trading - aluminium sales, Conef S.A. - holding and management company.

The ALRO Group is producing its 7th Sustainability Report, in which it will report the data related to 2023. We aim to present to the public and to all stakeholders our vision and performance on the most important sustainability actions. We know how important these are for the development of our business and we have conducted a thorough analysis of all stakeholders and the most relevant material aspects.

We are convinced of the major importance that your opinion has on the ALRO Group, which is why we want to involve you in the process of evaluating all material aspects identified by us for the four essential pillars of sustainability: ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL, GOVERNANCE and PRODUCTS.

Material aspects - are the themes identified by ALRO Group with the greatest weight of influence in relation to our vision of sustainability.

The importance of materiality - Within the ALRO Group we use the concept of materiality to guide our strategic planning processes in the area of sustainability. It is important for us to understand the stakeholder perspective to better communicate challenges, initiatives and progress.

Responses to this survey are anonymous and the findings will be used to determine the future direction of our Group, in terms of making development as sustainable as possible.

Please assess the importance that each material aspect has for you in relation to your professional relationship with ALRO Group.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you by 30.11.2023.

Please rate each topic from 1 (slightly relevant) to 10 (very relevant).

1. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics


The effective implementation of governance that promotes fairness, transparency and accountability in every companyis the stable basis for development for ALRO Group. In order to achieve our business objectives, ethics is a key factor contributing substantially to the evolution and progress of our Group on all three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

2. Economic Performance


Economic performance within ALRO Group refers to our financial health and efficiency in the production and sale of aluminium products, including factors such as revenue, profit margins, cost management and return on investment. We are also convinced that good management of sustainability issues is a key contributor to maintaining a healthy economic performance for the Group.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

3. Supply Chain Management


Through efficient supply chain management, supplier portfolio improvement, flexibility and planning, our Group adapts to the current business environment. In addition, we pay close attention to activities closely linked to sustainability throughout the supply chain, while also considering the environmental, economic and social responsibility of our partners to be extremely important.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

4. Customer and Business Relationship Management


We are committed to provide our customers the highest quality products, to contribute to their satisfaction. To ensure a high level of satisfaction, we developed an integrated management policy that generates long-lasting and profitable business relationships. Throughout this process, we also involve values that are closely linked to social, economic and environmental responsibility.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

5. Risk Management and Emergency Situations


At Group level, we have developed methods and identified major risks that can affect our business and the achievement of our business objectives. We are prepared to manage the risks associated with our activities, with a strong focus on safety and well-being in the workplace, both from a business and human resources perspective.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

6. Product Quality and Continuous Development


Quality standards, innovation and continuous improvement are our priorities when it comes to products. During their development, we pay attention to the efficient use of resources and strive to manage possible negative environmental impacts.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

7. Innovative Products and Technologies


Innovation is the key to the development of our Group. We invest in research and development to drive technological advances that promote sustainability throughout our value chain. In doing so, we develop sustainable products, improve production processes and optimize the use of resources.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

8. Responsible Communication


Responsible communication within our group is about how we address our stakeholders and the public, ensuring that our messages are transparent, ethical and in line with our values and relevant regulations. We apply these principles in all communication-based activities, including when we provide information about our products.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

9. Optimal Resource Management


Resource management involves good management of existing resources and the use of tools to monitor, measure and anticipate needs. In this way, we are aware of existing consumption and establish strategies to optimise all processes, while paying attention to the impact on the environment and society, and maintaining an economic balance.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

10. Industrial Emissions


We are aware of the emissions generated by our production activities and pay close attention to good management in this regard. We have invested significantly in environmental protection projects and ALRO is the first company in Olt county to receive an Integrated Environmental Authorization. On top of this, we have clear targets to further reduce emissions and carbon footprint. The way ALRO manages aspects of energy consumption and direct and indirect emissions is defined by the Integrated Management System implemented at company level.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

11. Circular Economy and Waste Management


Within our Group we are committed to constantly improving methods of waste reduction and reuse, thereby supporting the transition to a circular economy and ensuring that waste management is carried out both in accordance with the environmental management system implemented in each of our companies and in line with our internal policies and procedures.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

12. Climate Change and Business Resilience


Climate change and business resilience are important issues for our Group. We take responsibility for further reducing our environmental impact and adapting to climate change. We address these challenges through measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using sustainable resources and developing resilience plans to ensure our business is prepared to face future climate risks. We are committed to helping protect the environment and ensure our business is sustainable in the long term.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

13. Water and Effluent Management


Water consumption can have a negative impact on both the availability and quality of local water resources. Through our resource management system, we have implemented effective measures to recover a significant amount of the water we use, thereby minimising the impact on water resources. Our operations also generate wastewater that is treated before disposal to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

14. Biodiversity and Ecosystems


Projects in the aluminum industry can impact on natural habitats, affecting animal and plant species. These sectors are important users of natural resources and therefore have an important role to play in protecting sensitive sites and minimizing damage to the ecology, an objective we have set ourselves and implemented by adapting our activities in this respect.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

15. Human Resources Management


The level of productivity and employee satisfaction is directly proportional to the economic success of companies. Human resource management coordinates a complex of activities whose ultimate goal is to make the most efficient use of our companies' human capital to ensure their success, without neglecting the individual goals and well-being of each employee.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

16. Health and safety at work


Health and safety at work are fundamental issues for our Group. We are committed to providing a working environment where all employees can carry out their activities in a safe and healthy manner. This involves implementing and maintaining safety procedures, providing appropriate training to prevent accidents and constantly improving working conditions.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

17. Human Rights, Diversity and Equal Opportunities


We pay close attention to respect for human rights and social inclusion and promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age or economic status. We analyse all incidents of discrimination that occur and implement concrete remedial plans.

1-slightly revelant 10-very relevant

18. Commitment to Community


Our commitment to community is an important part of our corporate values. We are actively involved in the communities in which we operate, given our impact on them. We aim to be a trusted partner, supporting local projects and initiatives, providing jobs and promoting social and economic development. We are eager to contribute to overall economic prosperity and to have a positive impact on improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. 

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