About us

ALRO is one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe by production capacity and is structured in two divisions: 
• Primary Aluminium, with Anode plant, Aluminium Smelter, Casting House, Aluminium Eco-Recycling Facility, repairs and spare parts production units, road and rail transportation and other additional sections. After investing in upgrading its equipment and in new technology, ALRO reached a production capacity of 265,000 tonnes of primary aluminium and 340,000 tonnes of cast aluminium. At the same time, all necessary anodes for the electrolysis of alumina are internally produced;
 • Processed Aluminium has a processing capacity of 90,000 tonnes of processed aluminium, depending on the production mix. Currently, a capacity increasing programme is being run with a view to reach a capacity up to 120,000 tonnes by 2022.

The aluminium production and processing facilities of the Group are located in Slatina, Romania and currently comprise a smelter, including an anode plant, a casting house, an aluminium scrap re-melting facility (the “Eco Recycling Facility”), hot and cold rolling mills and an extrusion shop. The Company also owns Alum S.A., an alumina refinery based in Tulcea: http://www.alum.ro/en.

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Our History

In 1961, the Romanian Government decided to build the country's first and only aluminum smelter, Alro, in Slatina. The first batch of Romanian aluminum was produced in 1965.

From 1982 to 1989 the smelter's production capacity was gradually brought up to 263,500 tonnes annually.

In 1991, ALRO was transformed into a public company, and subsequently, in 1997, the Company was listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Main Market Segment.

ALRO privatization was proposed in 2001-2002 under the PSAL 2 program agreed on with the World Bank. After the first stage of privatization, the Romanian Government still owned the controlling stake in the Company.

The international privatization tender ended with a consortium of Marco Group companies (today Vimetco) being selected as the strategic investor in ALRO. In October 2002, the Romanian Government finalized the Privatization Agreement with the Marco Consortium.

Currently, ALRO’s main shareholders are: Vimetco PLC (54.19%), Paval Holding (23.21%), Fondul Proprietatea (10.21%), Freefloat (12.39%), out of which Fondul de Pensii NN, Fondul de Pensii Allianz and others.