Our production range

ALRO produces a diversified range of products, as detailed below:
• rolled aluminium and aluminium alloys wire rod; 
• homogenised AlMgSi billets; 
• aluminium and aluminium alloy slabs; 
• aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots;
• aluminium and aluminium alloy plates (heat treated and not heat treated); 
• aluminium and aluminium alloys sheets and coils; 
• cladded aluminium alloy sheets and coils.
Wire rod is used for high-voltage electric cables and wires in general, which are further processed into end-products such as power cables and conductors. Our billets are used for the extrusion process to make profiles. Slabs are mostly used as feedstock for our hot rolling mill for further processing.
Flat rolled products are graded by thickness and include coils, sheets and plates. These products are further used by customers to produce end-products, such as boxes, panels, mechanical parts, tools, moulds and white goods; these are products in which aluminium’s good mechanical and corrosion characteristics are advantageous and for which the low weight of the material plays an essential role.
A range of products dedicated to our clients
Delivering a client-driven range of products Alro is transforming from being primarily a commodity supplier to a value-added manufacturer. We are committed to working closely with our customers in order to develop new products. Discussions are being held with leading aircraft manufacturers to assess their future needs.

Impressive reference industries

The automotive industry is a rapidly growing market for aluminium. Our key customers are producers of motor pistons and car cables.
Aerospace is a traditional aluminium market and one for which 5% annual growth is forecast for the long-term.
Aluminium is used in the construction industry in the form of extruded frames for windows and doors, prefabricated structures, roofing, exterior cladding and curtain walling, which is now augmented with highly effective aluminium insulation foil.
In the electrical power industry, the conductivity-to-cost ratio makes aluminium cables and conductors incomparable for the production of transmission lines.