Occupational Safety

Alro believes that its employees are the company's most important asset. Their safety is our main priority. That is why the company is constantly improving working conditions to the highest standards as proven by ISO 45001 certification that Alro owns.

In 2008, the company invested 4 million dollars in work protection programs and training programs, meaning work protection equipments, sanitary materials, work safety materials and also work formation. Alro is also carrying out regular occupational safety audits to check its compliance with the accepted occupational safety and security standards.

The company offers, beside the working protection facilities specially designed for its employees, other medical benefits. A regular monitoring program is made by the company's in-house medical team, and also free medical supervision and emergency aid is provided at any time. Moreover the company offers daily meals, and the employees who are working in special temperature conditions are offered mineral water or tea and a supplementary diet. Alro also encourages a healthy lifestyle by arranging sports and health rehabilitation events.

Besides the safety measurements already implemented, Alro has a communication program with its employees in order to identify their needs and satisfy them. The company constantly seeks to ensure best working conditions, for all employees, in compliance with the international standards.

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