ALRO implements eco-efficiency enhancement and safety measures along its entire production process stream, being involved in global environmental-related activities by cooperating actively with international organizations in matters such as compliance with the BAT requirements in the aluminium industry, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and entire range of pollutants generated by the company facilities. 
To prevent pollution and achieve sustainable development, in accordance with the other policies of the company, ALRO has committed to:
- maintain and constantly improve the integrated quality-environment-occupational health and safety management system implemented within the company;
- observe and constantly comply with the legal requirements and other applicable requirements the company falls under, in relation to its environmental aspects;
- prevent pollution by setting up an environmentally-focused organizational culture;
- manage the prevention of accidents that involve dangerous substances; the company systematically identifies and systematically assesses the likelihood of any major accidents occurring, by performing regular analysis, training, testing and document review. 
- make the company staff and subcontractors aware of the effects and influences their own activities bear on the environment;
- promote sustainable development and apply the most efficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
- ensure complete transparency and access to the policy, objectives and achievements in the environmental field for all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, civil society);
- identify and assess the new environmental elements occurred in the current operations and act to reduce their impact on the environmental factors.
Alro has developed programs for the self-monitoring of the environmental impact factors and of the work noxious emissions in cooperation with the Olt Environmental Protection Agency and Local Public Health Authority in compliance with the relevant authorizations held by the operator.
The monitoring carried out in compliance with the integrated environmental permits certifies that all emissions generated by the company are in full compliance with the standards of the European Union and with the best available techniques. The environmental-related investment programs allowed Alro SA to obtain the ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental protection management and to stand out as one of the metallurgical plants with the lowest pollution level. 
The most significant environmental investments carried out during the past 10 years have been: the commissioning of a 60,000 tpa aluminium scrap recycling facility, the addition of supplementary capacity at the ecological waste landfill to take over the non-recoverable waste, the commissioning of waste gas filter and treatment units for the Cast House and Eco-Recycling Shop, equipping the cold strip mills with high rolling oil retention filters, erection of industrial water recycling and treatment stations at the Cast House, Anode Plant and Electro-energy department, modernization of the combustion systems of the natural gas-fired furnaces and many more.

Personnel Education

Through the policy promoted within the management-quality-environment integrated policy in ALRO, it has become compulsory that the company staff have access to the information regarding environment status within the company premises; this was achieved three years ago by setting up an electronic system that displays the daily monitoring values of the environmental factors and noxious emissions. For the same purpose, through the local intranet, the Environmental report drafted on a monthly basis has been made available to all employees; as a result, environmental self-monitoring at work divisions level can at any time be a source of information, review and constructive reaction to the company’s existing problems.

Information to the Public

In compliance with Government Decision no. 878/2005 regarding the access of the public to the environmental information, ALRO is permanently open to the local community requests and it promptly replies to the questions concerning the environmental monitoring activity it performs.

 The environmental protection-related anniversary days are occasions when our company is visited by highschool and college students, the media, non-governmental organizations, members of the local community, etc, who can personally witness the effects of applying a high performance environmental policy oriented to promoting sustainable development and maintaining a clean environment.

Biodiversity inside ALRO (20 October 2020)

Whenever required, we provide information to all relevant environmental authorities and stakeholders concerning ALRO’s environmental protection monitoring activity, by means of documents that present our achievements and established targets, and in the Annual Environmental Report. In the Annual Report, a special chapter deals with the evolution of emissions in the control points as set by the company’s integrated environmental permits.

Communication of the Environment Status within the Company

On a monthly basis, according to legal requirements, we submit reports on the evolution of the indicators monitored for water, air, ground, noise, waste and work noxious emissions management  to the local, regional and national environmental authorities, to the water management authorities as well as to the Olt County Health Authority, in compliance with the stipulations of the environmental integrated permits (i.e. permit no. 1 for ALRO-Primary Aluminum Division and permit no. 2 for ALRO-Processed Al. Division respectively), as well as with the stipulations of the permits’ related environmental factor and work noxious emission self-monitoring programs.

The local environmental authority has impact studies, records and reports submitted by ALRO, which can be requested by the local community for information purposes and which can be found on the following site:http://apmot.anpm.ro.

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