ALRO Group sustainability reports (i.e. Non-Financial Reporting) are aligned with the requirements of the European legislation and with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards and summarize the Group’s performance on key sustainability metrics and sustainable growth.

ALRO Group adhered and remains committed to the objectives of the European Aluminium Sustainability Roadmap and we consider environmental stewardship as a priority. Reducing the environmental impact of ALRO activities, the efficient utilisation of resources and energy efficiency are amongst our strong commitments throughout the whole aluminium value chain.


Sustainability Strategy

30/06/2021 ALRO Group Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025 ALRO Group Sustainability Strategy 2021-20255.1 MB


Sustainability Reports


30/06/2021 ALRO GROUP Sustainable Value Report 2020 ALRO GROUP Sustainable Value Report 202011.9 MB


30/06/2020 ALRO GROUP Sustainable Value Report 2019 ALRO GROUP Sustainable Value Report 201922 MB


28/06/2019 ALRO GROUP Sustainability Report 2018 ALRO GROUP Sustainability Report 201820 MB


31/05/2018 ALRO GROUP Sustainability Report 2017 ALRO GROUP Sustainability Report 201712 MB
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