Established in 1965, Alro is the only producer of primary aluminum and aluminum alloys in Romania with the largest smelter in Central and Eastern Europe. Four production units are required for the production cycle of electrolytic aluminum and its further processing into aluminum products:

Anode baking picture

Anode Facility

The anode facility, producing the anodes necessary for the electrolytic process.

Electrolysis picture

Electrolysis Section

The Electrolysis Section produces electrolytic aluminium. The electrolytic cell represents the main production unit of this facility. There are 132 electrolytic cells in each of the six pot rooms. At this time five electrolysis pot rooms are in operation.
ECO Recycling Facility
ALRO also has an aluminium ECO Recycling section, commissioned in 2013, where various types of scrap and aluminium alloy waste are processed, with an annual melting capacity of 35,000 tonnes. This section uses aluminium scrap purchased from third parties, as well as domestic production waste, such as span, waste resulted from rolled flat products etc.
ALRO plans to increase its recycling capacity in this section to 100,000 tpa, given that aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, and the energy needed for recycling is only 5% of the energy needed to produce a tonne of electrolytic aluminium, and emissions of CO2 are only at 15% in the case of recycling.
Casting House

Cast House

In the cast house electrolytic aluminum is processed into primary aluminium products such as billets, slabs or wire rod.

Hot rolling plant

Processing Plant

The slabs are hot and cold rolled into plates, sheets and coils.

In addition to these facilities, ALRO operates a number of other ancillary and service units necessary for supporting the core facilities – the electric current transformation and rectification unit, the metallurgical repairs unit, the pot and furnace repair unit, the spare parts production unit and the in-house transport unit and the warehouses.

ALRO's production capacity enables the production of 265,000 tpa* of electrolytic aluminium, 35,000 tpa of secondary aluminium, 340,000 tonnes of primary aluminium cast products and in the near future of 120,000 tpa of processed aluminium products.
 * Note: It also includes the capacity of an electrolysis pot room which is currently closed, but could be restarted anytime.