Marian NĂSTASE (1972)

Chairman and non-executive member of the Board of Directors reappointed in April 2019 (since November 2002)
Chairman of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee appointed in August 2019
Marian Nastase graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest where he majored in foreign trade. Nastase has extensive experience in financial consulting and auditing. He has worked at Deloitte & Touche in Romania, amongst other accountancy firms.

In 2002, he joined Alro as the executive director in charge of all financial affairs of the Company. He was subsequently appointed as Vimetco Country Manager Romania and his current mandate covers all Vimetco Group operations in aluminium, natural gas and electric power in the country.

Executive Management

Gheorghe DOBRA (1959)

Chief Executive Officer reappointed in June 2019 (since 1993)
Executive Member of the Board of Directors reappointed in April 2019 (since November 2003)

Gheorghe Dobra, PhD, Executive MBA graduated from the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Romania in 1984 and joined Alro where he passed through all stages of a successful professional career. Since 1993, he is the CEO of the Company. His main achievements in the Company are:
• successful privatization of the Company between 2000 - 2002;
• increased the Company’s economic and financial performance;
• technical and technological upgrade to the highest international standards
• increased high and very high added value production;
• substantial investments in the environment, which led to improved working conditions and greening the whole company;
• reduced costs, focusing on increasing energy efficiency;
• re-engineering the organization with positive effects on business optimization;
• ALRO accreditation as a supplier for the demanding market of aerospace and automotive industries;
• increased the number of social programs for employees and the local community;
• increased the Company's creditworthiness on aluminium international market;
• vertical integration of production cycles within the Group.

Genoveva NĂSTASE (1975)

Chief Financial Officer reappointed in February 2021 (since February 2017)

Genoveva Nastase graduated from the Executive MBA organized by ASEBUSS in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, USA, and is the CFO of Vimetco Management Romania and worked as Deputy Finance Director for ALRO for over seven years, from 2002 until 2009.

Genoveva Nastase has extensive corporate finance experience, financial modelling, financial analysis, and reporting. Genoveva Nastase's current mandate as Chief Financial Officer of the Company was extended in February 2021.

Operations Management

Aurel BĂRBULESCU (1980)

Director, Procurement and Logistics since March 2020

Mr. Barbulescu graduated from the Institute of Economics from Craiova University in 2002 and Business Administration (Master Degree) organized by Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (2009). In 2018, he graduated an Executive MBA organized by ASEBUSS in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, USA.

Mr. Barbulescu has previously held the position of Procurement Manager in ALUM S.A., part of ALRO Group, coordinating the purchases and sales activities since 2009 and being actively involved in various projects for diversifying products’ portfolio, investments co-financed from European funds etc.

Florin VERBONCU (1980)

Managing Director Vimetco Trading since September 2020

Mr. Florin Verboncu graduated from Academy of Economic Studies in 2002, where he majored in Business Administration and he is also a graduate of an Executive MBA organized by ASBUSS in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, USA, class of 2018.

Mr. Verboncu joined Vimetco Trading team in April 2009, being in charge of processed aluminium products’ sales to the North-American market and various European markets. He has also coordinated the processed aluminium products’ sales to sophisticated industries, such as aeronautical industry. Mr. Florin Verboncu has an extensive expertise in sales and aluminium industry, previously holding similar positions in other profile companies.

Dragoș Adrian VONCU (1974)

Legal Director since 2003

Mr. Voncu has been working with the Company since November 2003, holding the position of Legal Manager, except from the period between July 2009 and August 2011, when he served as Legal Manager of Vimetco Management Romania. During the period from August 2011 to February 2014, Mr. Voncu practiced as an independent lawyer and held positions of Head of Legal at an investment holding company and at the largest producer of spirits in Romania. Currently, Mr. Voncu also holds the positions of secretary of the Company’s Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Remunerations and Nominations Committee and of Legal Manager within Alum and Vimetco Management Romania. Previously, Mr. Voncu was a member of the board of directors of Sierra Mineral and sole director of Global Aluminium Ltd., Centrul Rivergate S.R.L. and Conef. Mr Voncu is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2011. He graduated from the University of Craiova, Faculty of Law, in 1997 and attended the Romanian-American School of Business (ASEBUSS), in partnership with Kennesaw State University, US, where he obtained an Executive Master of Business Administration degree (EMBA) in 2018.

Nicu DURĂU (1961)

Director of Human Resources and General Services since July 2006
Director of Human Resources and General Services within ALUM since July 2007

Mr. Durău graduated the Faculty of Electrotechnics of the University of Craiova, with over 30 years of experience in human resources in large industrial companies (Oltcit, Daewoo, Alro). He is an active participant in various profile events, conferences and international profile summits and he is also an accredited consultant in the diagnosis of the organizational culture through Human Synergistics tools.

Mr. Durău joined ALRO team in July 2004 as Alprom Human Resources Director and two years later, along with Alro-Alprom merger, he became the integrated ALRO Human Resources Director.

During all this period he was part of the teams that coordinated most of the Group's transformational and development projects such as: Alro-Alprom merger, Alum upgrading process, aquisition of the bauxite mines in Sierra Leone, ALRO reorganization during 2008-2009 crisis and many others.

Marian CILIANU (1965)

Operations Director – Primary Aluminium since November 2012
Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors of ALUM since August 2019

Mr. Cilianu graduated in Materials Science at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in 1991, where he had also obtained the PhD Diploma in 2004 with the paper "Phenomenon magneto hydrodynamics for industrial molten electrolytes". Mr. Cilianu holds an EMBA from ASSEBUS & Washington University. He had published papers and presentations at different conferences in Romania and abroad. Mr. Cilianu is also the co-author of several inventions patents.

Over the years, Marian Cilianu held various positions within ALRO and Vimetco Group, from which he helped developing the Group with different coordination missions and technical evaluations in Romania, China and Africa. He coordinated or was part of the team in charge with several important projects, such as electrolysis modernization, ALRO-ALPROM merger, investments project management for ALRO to become an aero supplier, project management in taking over the operations in Sierra Leone, modernization of ALUM Tulcea, CO2 emission management etc.

Dumitru SINCA (1962)

Operations Director – Processed Aluminium since May 2021

Mr. Sinca is a diplomat engineer and a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Faculty of Mechanics, Fine Mechanical Specialization. Mr. Sinca has over 25 years of experience within the company Prysmian Cabluri și Sisteme S.A. from Slatina, where for 23 years he held various positions in the company’s Management (Supply Director, Logistics Director, Telecommunications cable Production Director).

In 2019, Mr. Sinca joined ALRO as Deputy Production Manager, later being appointed Production Manager of FRP Division. Mr. Sinca has extensive industrial manufacturing experience and a career full of outstanding achievements.

Cristian-Theodor STĂNESCU (1971)

Director, Technical, Quality and Investment since June 2020

Mr. Cristian Stanescu graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Bucharest in 1995 where he majored in Inorganic Chemistry and has 20 years of experience in aluminium industry covering the following fields: aluminium smelting process technology, quality inspection of primary and flat rolled aluminium products, European legislation regarding energy, climate change, environment protection and management of chemicals, coordination of the activities of different entities such as departments, offices and laboratories. Mr. Stanescu manages from a technical point of view ALRO’s relation with Eurometaux and European Aluminium Association, Professional European organizations based in Brussels, of which ALRO is a member.

Mr. Stanescu also holds two patents in the field of the primary aluminium production and has published as author or co-author several papers in technical journals related to aluminium production. Over the years, Mr. Stanescu held various position within ALRO: test section manager, quality director, technical director and quality inspection manager.

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