Our strategy

The main goals of ALRO's  medium and long term development strategy are:
• investments in state-of-the-art technology which allows the Company to expand its range of products, improving the quality and decrease the delivery time and, also to increase the operating efficiency and to decrease the production costs; 
• continuous improvement of the Company's activities, processes and products; 
• focus on high value added aluminium production, like sheets and coils and the continuous development of the products range for hard alloys and heat treated plates, for the aeronautic and automotive industries; 
• increasing energy efficiency across the entire production chain, both through technology investments and investment in research and development; 
• reducing costs and shortening production cycles;
• development of the technological production processes to incorporate the latest developments in the field, so that the highest production standards can be achieved in terms of quality and cost of the Company's products;
• vertical integration, thus ensuring the availability of the necessary raw materials, in order to decrease the production costs and to increase the operating efficiency; 
• continuous compliance with the environment protection rules, effective waste management in accordance with the economic objectives, but with minimal impact on the environment and natural resources, while reaching the "Green Factory, Next Generation Factory, Innovating and Sustainable" objective and approaching the zero waste and zero emissions target


ALRO has also increased its focus on value-added products, of which there are two types:

1. Primary value-added products include billets, slabs and wire rod.

2. Processed value-added products, such as plates, sheets, coils and extrusions.