We care

ALRO is of the firm conviction that its strength is based on its ties with suppliers and customers as well as on its commitments to its employees and the local community in which it resides.
This philosophy translates into an ongoing program to promote safety among employees, maintain transparent relationships with  business partners and the local community and minimize the impact of ALRO's operations on the environment.


ALRO is committed to improving the quality of life for its employees as well as for those who live in the surrounding areas. As part of this commitment, the Company works closely with the local community to identify the areas in which support is needed. We actively participate in community life through our corporate responsibility programs, from rebuilding homes destroyed by natural disasters, to education, sports and health. 
In 2007, Alro received the Excellency Award in "Corporate Social Responsibility" from the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in recognition of its contributions to economic development in Romania and regionally, with particular emphasis on its forward-looking environmental orientation as well as its focus on training programs and social responsibility.


The environment

In 2005, ALRO became one of the first companies in Romania to receive an Environmental Authorization for more than ten years running, in recognition of its strong long-term investment plan in environmental projects. 
The Environmental Authorization certifies that all the emissions created by the Company are in full compliance with European Union standards.
ALRO replaced wet-fluoride-capture technology with dry-gas treatment technology, thereby increasing the gas-capture rate from 65% to over 99%. Furthermore, all exhaust gases comply with the industry best practice standard. 
The Company also built Romania’s first ecological waste dump and halted the use of asbestos at the smelter several years ago.
ALRO has also developed programs for the automatic monitoring of environmental impact factors, in cooperation with the Governmental Environmental Protection Agency and Public Health Directorate. An environmental protection officer was appointed for each of the Company’s divisions.
At the same time, environmental investment programs have allowed ALRO to obtain ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. In 2006, ALRo received the Integrated Environmental Authorization, becoming the first company in the region and among the top 10 major companies in the country that obtained this authorization.
The Company is applying eco-efficiency and safety measures throughout the entire production process and successfully meeting customer requirements in this field. It is also involved in activities related to global environmental issues through active cooperation with international organizations on greenhouse gas emission reductions.



Because ALRO's employees play a crucial role in its environmental strategy, we place a particular emphasis on the training of our employees, ensuring that they become environmentally conscious and thereby develop and sustain an environmentally-friendly attitude.
Through investment in new technologies, maintenance, infrastructure and employee training, the Company also continuously strives to improve labour conditions. Alro’s employees are optimally equipped with all necessary protection equipment and attend ongoing training programs to ensure safety on the job. The Company is developing a system of occupational trauma prevention and early identification and elimination of occupational hazards and risks involving broad staff participation and use of state-of-the-art methods. The Company seeks to ensure that work conditions at its facilities  are in compliance with the applicable international standards.
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