Stage of contesting the ANAF additional imposition decision

Tue, 06/18/2024 - 13:59

Important event to be reported: Additional taxation notice

By the Current Report no. 17/04.03.2024, the Company ALRO S.A. has informed the investors and general public that following an audit carried out by the Financial Authority ANAF – Large Taxpayers Division between 2023-2024, examining the period 2016-2021, the Company has received an additional taxation notice in amount of RON 13,550,671, representing additional profit tax and VAT, decision which is considered by the Company as being profoundly unsubstantiated and illegal.

Within the timeframe provided by the law, a claim was filed by the Company against the taxation decision as well as the ancillary tax liabilities, through administrative channels to the Ministry of Finances, and after making a resolution on the claim, the Ministry of Finances rejected ALRO’s requests, except for the reduction of profit tax ancillary liabilities related to the year 2021, in amount of RON 20,050.  

With regards to this decision, the Company ALRO S.A. will use every legal means for the cancellation of the decision.



Marian-Daniel Năstase                                                Gheorghe Dobra

President of the Board of Directors                           Chief Executive Officer     

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