Training of young specialists

Wed, 08/22/2007 - 00:00
During the period August 22, 2007 – January 31, 2008 a group of 21 young specialists from ZHONGFU INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. company from China attend a training program at ALRO S.A., focused on primary aluminum and primary aluminum alloys fabrication topics, primary aluminum and primary aluminum alloys processed products getting, maintenance and electrical, mechanical and automation repairs at the work equipment, the control of the products’ quality.

Until on the date of November 31, 2007 the training program developed at the “Primary Aluminum” Work Point and starting with the date of December 1, 2007 until the end the program develops at the “Processed Aluminum” Work Point.

From the technical and technological point of view the program was coordinated by the Technical Directors from the two Work Points and from the organizational point of view by the Human Resources Department Director. The lecturers and the tutors involved are ones of the best specialists in Alro S.A. The Chinese and Romanian partners appreciate that this training program develops successfully and represents a successful action of the two companies co-operation.

Mr. Yue Yingfu, the head of the Chinese specialists group, in his thanks letter addressed to Mr. Dobra Gheorghe, the Managing Director of ALRO S.A., among others says: “During the training we had the pleasure to meet a lot of specialists, workers and foremen from ALRO, at which we admired the special skills and a very high technique, close to which we learned not only remarkable technologies but we also succeeded to experience the collective spirit and the enterprise culture from ALRO”

At the end of the program the Chinese specialist will be handed over the certificates of participation to the training program.