Current report file status 954/2/2016

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 13:37

Significant event to be reported: Information on the status of the civil action lodged by ALRO S.A. against the Competition Council concerning the former’s claim for the cancellation of the Sanction decision no. 82/2015 issued by the Competition Council

In the file no.954/2/2016 concerning the application for annulment of the administrative act sanction imposing minute and the application for annulment the sanction decision no.82/2015, issued by the Competition Council, as per the attached file no.3536/2/2016, the Court of Appeal Bucharest, at the hearing held on December 30th, 2019 dismissed as inadmissible the  application for annulment of the draft minute of deliberations as of December 24th, 2015 of the Competition Council Plenary, and dismissed as unfounded the amended application for annulment of the Decision of the Competition Council Plenary no. 82/24.12.2015. With appeal within 15 days from the communication.

On August 26th2021, the Court of Appeal Bucharest communicated the Civil Decision no. 2677 / 30.12.2019, reason for which Alro will waive the appeal having as object the tergiversation of the process in the file number 4582/2/2021 with the trial date September 29th, 2021. Alro will appeal against the Civil Decision no. 2677/30.12.2019 within 15 days from the communication.

Regarding the status of the file no. 954/2/2016, Alro S.A. will inform the general public and the investors in a timely manner.

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