Current report in compliance with of article no. 92³ of Law no. 24/2017 (ALUM S.A. & CONEF GAZ S.R.L.)

Fri, 07/09/2021 - 18:13

Significant event to be reported:   Reporting of transactions with related parties according to art.923 paragraph 3 and paragraph 12 of Law no. 24/2017 as amended and supplemented by Law no. 158/2020

Please be informed by the present Current Report, that ALUM S.A., subsidiary of ALRO S.A., concluded with the company CONEF GAZ S.R.L., related party of ALRO Group, on the date of 9 July 2021, two new transactions based on a purchase contract, whose cumulated value with the other transactions concluded/ carried out within the last 12 months, cumulatively exceeds 5% of the Company’s net assets, as per ALRO S.A. standalone financial statements for the year 2020, in amount of RON 51,598,374.

Details regarding the transactions concluded on 9th July 2021 by ALUM S.A., subsidiary of ALRO S.A., as buyer, with the Company CONEF GAZ S.R.L., related party of ALRO Group, as seller, containing information on the transactions date of conclusion, nature, description of its object, mutual receivables and debts are presented in Annex 1 hereto.

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