ALRO supports the hospitals in Olt County with two donations consisting of vital equipment worth over RON 170,000 for the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 08:37
  •  The Company continues to help the medical teams’ fight against COVID-19 by donating seven integrated oxygen flow and aerosol treatment devices: five to the Slatina County Emergency Hospital worth RON 122,500 and two to the Municipal Hospital Caracal worth RON 49,000
  • ALRO has assisted the local communities since an early stage of this sanitary crisis and has already donated over RON 650,000 to institutions and organizations involved in preventing and combating the effects of COVID-19 pandemic
  • ALRO Group has implemented comprehensive protocols and procedures since the onset of the health crisis and succeeded to effectively manage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus ensuring the continuity of its activity in safe conditions 

Slatina, 25 November 2020 – ALRO S.A. (BVB: ALR, “the Company” or “ALRO”), one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe, measured by production capacity, continues to support the efforts to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the local communities where it operates and donates seven pieces of vital equipment necessary to fight against COVID-19 deadly effects. Thus, five integrated oxygen flow and aerosol treatment devices worth RON 122,500 were donated to the Slatina County Emergency Hospital and another two similar devices worth RON 49,000 to the Municipal Hospital Caracal, for treating patients affected by this virus.

“We have always focused our attention on the health and safety of our employees and today, more than ever, the health of our employees, their families and relatives and in fact, the entire community became our number one priority as we are part of it”, said Gheorghe DOBRA, CEO of ALRO. “ALRO was and will continue to be a pillar of the society, offering the instruments needed by the medical staff to support their efforts when doing their best saving the patients’ lives affected by COVID-19, thus reaffirming its commitment and involvement to contribute back to the community”, added Gheorghe DOBRA.

ALRO has supported the local communities since the early stages of the sanitary crisis and has donated over RON 650,000 to institutions and organizations involved in preventing and combating the effects of COVID-19. Through donations done consisting of money and protective equipment, the Company has actively initiated and supported the actions and efforts aimed at preventing and mitigating the effects of COVID-19 at the local and national levels. Moreover, internally, as well as at suppliers, partners and local communities’ levels, the Company continues to monitor the evolution of this sanitary crisis and engages to act quickly and efficiently to ensure its business continuity in safe conditions.

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 Notes to the Editors:

ALRO Group

The companies part of ALRO Group are: ALRO S.A. – manufacturer of aluminium, Alum S.A. – producer of alumina, Sierra Mineral Holdings I, Ltd. – bauxite mining, Vimetco Extrusion S.R.L. – extrusion business line, Conef S.A. – holding and management company, Global Aluminium Ltd. – holding company and Bauxite Marketing Ltd - marketing. Having this structure, the Group created an integrated production chain assuring the raw materials for ALRO.


ALRO is a subsidiary of Vimetco N.V., (the Netherlands), a global, vertically-integrated primary and processed aluminium producer. ALRO is one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers, by capacity, in Europe, having an installed production capacity of 265,000 tpa of electrolytic aluminium, 35,000 tpa of recycled aluminium and 325,000 tpa of primary aluminium.

The main market for ALRO products is represented by the European Union; the Company exports its products to the USA and Asia, as well. ALRO is ISO 9001 certified for quality management and has NADCAP and EN 9100 certificates for aerospace production organizations, ALRO’s products adhere to the quality standards for primary aluminium on the LME, as well as international standards for flat rolled products.

Starting from 18 March 2019, the Index Committee of the Bucharest Stock Exchange approved the inclusion of ALRO (code ALR) in BET, the main index of the market, and in BET-TR, the total return version of BET. ALRO’s shares have been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since October 1997 and ALRO represents the first company in the aluminium industry present in these two indices.

Since 16 November 2020, ALRO is a member of ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative), an international association that contributes to enhancing sustainability in the global aluminium sector.

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