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Fri, 11/17/2017 - 16:39

Significant event to be reported:

Information on the civil action filed by S.P.E.E.H. Hidroelectrica S.A. against Alro S.A. concerning material claims of the electric power producer, representing alleged unachieved proceeds under the bilateral contract concluded with Alro. 

The Company Alro S.A hereby informs the shareholders and investors that, in the litigation of S.P.E.E.H. Hidroelectrica S.A. against Alro S.A., which is subject to the case file no. 13264/3/2015, pending before the Bucharest Court of Appeal, following the appeal promoted by S.P.E.E.H. Hidroelectrica S.A., at the trial date of September 26, 2017, the court was yet to rule; after deliberating, the court dismissed the appeal as ungrounded.

According to the information taken from the Courts of Law – Bucharest Court of Appeal portal, the ruling of this aforementioned court has been contested by S.P.E.E.H. Hidroelectrica S.A that lodged a second appeal, which will bring the case before the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania. The High Court will then rule in the case file’s second appeal.

As concerns  the status on the a/m case file, the company ALRO S.A. will inform the public and the investors in due course.


                        Chairman of the Board of Directors                                 Managing Director

                                Marian Daniel Nastase                                              Gheorghe Dobra